Wealthy is a brand related with the automotive aftermarket industry. As a major supplier in the automotive aftermarket, Wealthy has standard quality and service which must be met by each product and employee before the products arrive to the customer.

Wealthy was established in 2006 to meet the demand of the automotive aftermarket industry with her qualify and reliable products in Asia. Even though Wealthy relatively new in aftermarket industry, but Wealthy has a motto: “To serve and educate workshop to strive safety & service standard quality”.

Our Product
By combining the founder's knowledge and the demand of Asia Automotive Aftermarket, Wealthy has produced standard high quality and reliable products for engine, body work, Bulb & Fuse, Braking System, Cooling System, Wipers, Sealant, and many other products which are reliable for your vehicle maintenance.

Wealthy also care and responsible to protect the environment, we have commitment for the health and clean environment.

As the automotive technology development continues to grow, Wealthy will also continue to grow a long with the automotive industry technology. Some day if you see aftermarket products growth especially for the automotive industry, it must be Wealthy.

Now we have more than 15.000 customers spread all over Asia (China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia), as users of auto care and accessories product.