Radiator Coolant Hybrid

Optimize your vehicle engine performance with a high-tech Radiator Coolant Hybrid. Reduce excess heat and strain on the vehicle engine, as well as increase radiator coolant flow. Additional protection against rust, corrosion and sediment formation in the radiator system. And provide lubrication at pump sessions.

Suitable for vehicles (Japan, Korea, Europe, and America) with gasoline and diesel engines and suitable with aluminum radiators.

How to use :
-Make sure that the radiator temperature is low, before opening the radiator cap.
-For the most optimum work, drain off the radiator and the entire cooling system before using the Radiator Coolant, you can also flush with the Flush Cleaner and Water Radiators.
-Fill / fill radiator and additional tank radiator with Radiator Coolant.
-Change Radiator Treatment every 20,000 km or 2 years (or follow the car manufacturer's recommendation).

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