Got Some Water In Your Fuel Tank? These Are The Solutions. If you're often to run out of gas, just be prepared that the throttle sometimes gets choked up.

"Sun exposed empty tank causes condensation inside the tank. So there is some water mixed with the fuel that will make the throttle running not smoothly." Said Sukandi from Otomotif Service Station, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.

There are two ways to get rid of water inside the fuel tank. You can empty the tank, or use chemical and mix it with the gasoline.

To empty the tank, you will need about three hours for a car, and one hour for a motorcycle. About the price, such as OSS, it will cost Rp 200 thousand for a car, and Rp 50 thousand for a motorcycle.

Using chemical is a faster way, but it depends on the chemical's quality.

You can get a chemical named Fuel Conditioner in the Wealthy Automotive Care's booth, in Jakarta Fair Hall B21, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

"It can dissolve water into a homogenous so it becomes flammable," Almus Hidayat, sales manager PT Foerch Indonesia, Wealthy's distributor, explained.

With a demo of a bottle filled with 10 ml gasoline, and 1 ml water. We can see that the water can't be mixed with the gasoline.

Then after we put 1 ml fuel conditioner. The water dissolved and can be mixed with the gasoline.

Then, when we test the combustion of the mixture, they burnt perfectly. Usually, we'll find a little explosion, which not happened in this test.

The Fuel Conditioner might be so practical and effective, but there's no significant difference between the price of emptying the tank and Fuel Conditioner. But, you don't need to wait for an hour or three to get the job done.

Rp 150 thousand for 300 ml. "It can be mixed with 60 litres of gasoline," Arief Hidayat the founder and researcher of Wealthy Automotive Care added.

So, if you're at the booth of Wealthy in Jakarta Fair, you can get it free after purchasing 5 litres of Ultimax or Optimus lubricants.