This is the Latest Wealthy's, It is Unique and Affordable

A total of 4, when Wealthy introduce their latest product today (9/7/2018), in West Jakarta. According to Arief Hidayat, founder of Wealthy Automotive Care, his products are unique yet affordable. What are the products?

Here it is the 2nd Generation of Microfiber Cloth with red color. It has a better lifting power. It causes an electro static so the dust lfited.

It could be for polishing, compound, also finishing. This microfiber cloth could also absord liquid until 300ml.

This microfiber cloth could also lift dust in your car body. Try not to push it, just wipe softly in circle in the same direction and surely without a scratch. It's only 85.000 rupiah.

Expandable Sponge
This washing car sponge is made from polyurethane (PU).

Sponge buat cuci mobil ini berbahan baku polyurethane(PU). The more it dense is better. It doesnt stores dust in it. You'll be saving a lot of soap using this sponge.

It is vacuum pressed, so the quality doesnt change or changing form by dint of weather or chemicals.

Generelly sponge were made of rubber foam or polyster with less absorption. But Wealthy PU Sponge foam have an endurance for 20 thousand times used. Either for an automotive works or just for cleaning dishes. It is 65.000 rupiah.

Our wiper blade is the 4th generation of our own. The frames were made of Acrilonitril Butadiena Stiren(ABS). It's matte color stays bright. The frame has 3 parts to the blade is gripping the windscreen.

It's only for 400.000 rupiah a pair. Refill change for 300.000 rupiah. The width of the refill is 8mm, 2mm wider than the usual market sells.

Yellow Top Bulb
Our Wealthy light bulb has yellow color top, different than the usual light bulb which has a dark color top.

The light is brighter and the focus is not disturbed. This 4 season type is 100/90W and it is only for 450.000 rupiah.