Clay Bar

Wealthy Clay Bar

Remove dust, dirt, industrial fallout, acid rain, and other contaminants.

is a quality product that can clean the surface of your vehicle body from dirt that is not visible to the eye directly, such as: overspray / paint excessive when spraying and cause a rough surface. Dust derived from brake canvas, dust from road asphalt, and also air pollutant dust on the body. All the dirt can be removed easily using the Wealthy Clay Bar, without the need for special equipment or expertise when using it, and not leaving any stains on your beloved drive.

How to use :
-Wash the vehicle first.
-Clay shape for easy hand-held.
-Before rubbing Clay onto the surface of the paint, spray Clay Lubricant or can also use a mixture of water and soap.
-Scrub the clay gently / slowly repeatedly until it gets smooth results on the paint of the vehicle.
-Make sure the panel is always wet with during the process of work.
-Perform a uniform scrubbing on one part of the vehicle panel for a more perfect result.
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