RTV Silicone Sealant Grey

Wealthy RTV Silicone Sealant Grey is a single component that can be vulcanized at room temperature, designed to form a trusted gasket that can be "shaped in place" on mechanical assemblies. The material is formed from the influence of air humidity into a tough & flexible silicone gasket. The product is not subject to time, weathering and temperature cycles; and without hardening, shrinkage or cracking. Designed to improve oil resistance and meet warranty extension requirements.

Field of Application: Water pump, oil pump, front cover, camshaft cover, home thermostat, oil drain, transmission cover, wheel axle cover.

RTV Silicone Sealant
-Basic ingredients of modified silicone oxide (acid-free hardening system).
-High resistance to chemicals.
-High adhesive power, durable elasticity, drying at room temperature.
-Filling the pores of metal surfaces well.
-Can be used for frame gearbox, cylinder, water pump, oil drain, and others.
-Can not be used on tank seal.
-Gray color, very suitable for Japanese vehicles.
-Temperature resistance: -73o C to + 315o C for short time reach + 343o C

User guide:
- The area to be applied should be dry, clean of oil and dirt. For best results, clean and dry the entire surface with a residue-free solvent, for example WEALTHY Brake Cleaner.
-Cut the nozzle to the desired droplet size, diameter 1/16 "to 1/14". Size 1/8 "is generally enough for all aplication.
-Remove the lid, hole the tube seal and attach the nozzle.
-Apply silicon continuously and evenly on one surface. It starts from tracing the inside of the gasket, followed by all the screw holes.
-Immediately re-assemble the circuit while silicone is still wet.
-Press the edges with the fingers until the silicone material starts seeping out.
- Leave it to harden, for two hours and turn it back until about a quarter to half a turn.
-For best results, leave to harden within 24 hours.

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